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  • R. Bro
    Multi-way analysis in the food industry. Models, algorithms and applications
    Department of Analytical Chemistry, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, 1998
    Description: simply a must, even if your interest lies outside food industry
    Download from the site of the Food Technology Group at KVL; info
  • J.A. Fernández Pierna
    Improvements in the multivariate calibration processes
    Department of Analytical Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels, Belgium, 2002
    Description: deals with crucial aspects of multivariate calibration such as pre-processing, inhomogeneity detection and prediction uncertainty
  • M.M. Høy
    Building simple, reliable and relevant multivariate data-analysis tools
    Department of Physical Chemistry, NTNU, Norway, 2002
    Description: focus on multivariate data-analysis tools that are sophisticated and powerful, yet easy to use and comprehend
  • M. Linder
    Bilinear regression and second-order calibration
    Mathematical statistics, Stockholm University, Sweden, 1998
    Description: first truly least-squares method for second-order bilinear calibration - with rigorous uncertainty analysis
  • A. Phatak
    Evaluation of some multivariate methods and their applications in chemical engineering
    Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Waterloo, Canada, 1993
    Description: work of encyclopedic size, e.g. Chapter 4 has much more material on PLSR prediction intervals than the paper by Phatak et al., cited below under "Reliability of multivariate calibration models"
    Download from the home page of Dr. Aloke Phatak; info
  • W. Pool
    Back-folding: a new algorithm for the processing of GC/MS data
    Chemical Technology and Materials Science, University of Delft, The Netherlands, 1997
    Description: remarkable alternative to the common approaches for resolution and subsequent calibration of spectro-chromatographic data
  • F. Westad
    Relevance and parsimony in multivariate modelling
    Department of Physics and Chemistry, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway, 2000
    Description: focus on parsimonious models, shift modelling, uncertainty estimation, variable selection, model stability and interpretation of multivariate regression models