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  • C.D. Brown
    Noble complexity in In-Vivo spectroscopy
    EAS 2002
    Download from the InLight site (icon_pdf.gif=512 kB)
  • C.D. Brown
    Interpretation of Regression Vectors: Past, Present Views
    CAC 2006
    Download (icon_pdf.gif=273 kB)
  • N.M. Faber
    Estimating the uncertainty in model results
    Workshop KNCV 2001
    Download (zipped icon_word.gif=82 kB)
  • N.M. Faber
    Estimating prediction uncertainty in multivariate calibration
    SCAC 2004
    Download (zipped icon_ppt.gif=157 kB)
  • N.M. Faber
    How to avoid over-fitting in PLS regression?
    CAC 2006
    Download (zipped icon_ppt.gif=268 kB)
  • N.M. Faber
    Uncertainty estimation in chemometrics. The example of multivariate (and multiway) prediction uncertainty
    DSK 2008
    Download (icon_pdf.gif=134 kB)
  • J.A. Fernández Pierna
    Uncertainty estimation in multivariate calibration
    NIR conference Gembloux 2004
    Download (zipped icon_ppt.gif=303 kB)
  • J. Jaumot, R. Gargallo and R. Tauler
    Estimation of error propagation and prediction intervals in multivariate curve resolution alternating least squares using resampling methods
    CAC 2002
    Download (icon_pdf.gif=659 kB)
  • S. Serneels and P.J. Van Espen
    Sample specific prediction intervals in SIMPLS
    Download (zipped icon_ppt.gif=747 kB)
  • L. Zhang
    Development of Chemometrics Tools for Pharmaceutical Applications: Some Case Studies
    EAS 2006
    Download (zipped icon_ppt.gif=432 kB)