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Our work in chemometrics and statistics firmly builds on the idea that being able to asses the uncertainty in the final results, implies numerous benefits. This idea should hold in general but perhaps most for the calibration of sophisticated analytical instruments, as these continue to be treated like black boxes.

Our proven expertise ranges from pharmaceutical and chemical through forensics to anti-doping.

N.B. The latter area constitutes our main focus now.

A non-commercial purpose of this site is to provide access to progress reported for various topics related to uncertainty estimation, cf. links and downloads.

Please note that the content you will find on this web site is largely due to the accomplished researchers listed under acknowledgements.


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Anti-doping.. Click here to download a presentation entitled "The justice of WADA ... or lack thereof".

The following petition is about a case that had to be won by the anti-doping crusaders at all cost. The question of guilt or innocence was demonstrably a minor issue.

The Court of Arbitration should have decided on the balance of probabilities. In common language: which party has the better story?

However, not a single probability has been calculated to support Alberto Contador's conviction for an anti-doping rule violation.

It is stressed that these calculations can be done. As a result, the current conviction does not meet accepted forensic standards.